Tutus & Bows: What Every Dance Parent Should Know Before Your Child’s Recital

It’s almost here! Our annual dance recital is just around the corner, figuratively speaking. Of course, it’s actually at Greensboro College. In all the excitement, it’s easy to forget some details regarding what is expected of you and your child. You might want to bookmark this post as a handy reminder.


The recital experience actually consists of three separate events: dress rehearsal, the recital itself, and a photo shoot. The photo shoot will take place during your young dancer’s regular dance class the week after the recital. Trying to squeeze it in at either the dress rehearsal or the recital is just too much for everyone to handle!


Please be sure your child has her complete makeup applied and ready-to-go for each of the three events. The dress rehearsal is not only about wearing costumes; it’s also a chance for you, as a parent, to do a run-through of your preparation for the recital. Specifically, it’s an opportunity for you to learn how much time to allow for makeup application. Plan on a practice session at home before the dress rehearsal.

Costume Prep

Make sure your dancer’s costume is ready for each of the three events. Dance costumes are often made of fabrics that may melt under the high heat of an iron, so please use steam to remove wrinkles. Make sure that you have the entire costume when you leave your home! Organizing it all the night before is a good idea, with the main part on a hanger, if applicable, and shoes, stockings, and accessories packed in a clean bag.


The only accessories your dancer needs are those that are officially part of her costume. In general, no jewelry is allowed because it may detract from the dance itself, but if your child has pierced ears, talk to her instructor about appropriate post earrings.

Also remember that colored nail polish is not acceptable, although clear polish is okay to add just a little flash.


Be sure to read your May newsletter and/or any handouts you receive from your child’s dance instructor. These will feature details such as the times not only of the recital, put when your child will need to report for both the dress rehearsal and recital. Be sure to keep directions to Greensboro College handy to make sure your child arrives on time.

Finally, remember to relax and enjoy this experience!