Tumbling and Trampoline

Since becoming an Olympic sport, trampoline has gained enormous popularity. It is a great way to improve fitness, coordination and endurance.


At Tumblebees Ultimate Gym, we offer tumbling and trampoline classes for boys and girls from age 5 years through 12th grade.


Students develop skills on the tumbling floor, trampoline and double mini trampoline. At the intermediate level, children begin to work on back handsprings. At the advanced level, they are able to do a back handspring.


Our Tumbling Only classes are co-ed classes for students 4th grade and up.  During class, students will use the rod floor, tumble track, trampolines and gymnastics floor to develop their tumbling skills.  They will progress through a series of skills including back handspring, back tuck and advanced front handspring.


If your child was enrolled during the 2016-2017 School Year Session, when enrolling for the
2017-2018 School Year Session, they should move up to the next level class as listed on their end-of-year evaluation.

  • LEVEL A – Beginner; No previous experience in a school age rec program
  • LEVEL B – Advanced Beginner; At least 1 year experience in a school age rec program
  • LEVEL C – Advanced Beginner Plus for previous Level B students
  • LEVEL D – Intermediate skills required; At least 2 years experience
  • LEVEL E – Advanced skills required by coach evaluation
  • LEVEL F – Invitation only

**PLEASE NOTE: If your child was enrolled in our programs during last school year, or if you have previously enrolled your child online and already have an account with Tumblebees, PLEASE DO NOT create a new account. To enroll for the school year you need to LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT and select the appropriate class. You can log into your account HERE.**


Enrollment begins in July 2017. Tuition is charged on a monthly basis. First month’s Tuition and Annual registration fee of $35 per student charged upon enrollment. *Ages as of September 1, 2017.

Boys & Girls: K – 1st Grade
Boys & Girls: 2nd – 3rd Grade
Boys & Girls: 4th Grade and up