Extreme Sports

For athletes who don’t fit the typical mold, Tumblebees Ultimate Gym is proud to offer extreme sports including parkour and Ninja Warrior classes!

Co-ed parkour (or freestyle gymnastics) is an exciting way to stay fit and agile. It is based on running, jumping and climbing over and around obstacles. This class will help improve speed, strength, flexibility and spacial awareness.

Our newest extreme sport, Ninja Warrior, is a cross between Parkour, climbing and strength training utilizing ninja warrior obstacle courses and equipment. The class incorporates running, jumping, vaulting, climbing and balance to create a fun adventure while providing an amazing workout.

**PLEASE NOTE: If your child was enrolled in our programs during last school year, or if you have previously enrolled your child online and already have an account with Tumblebees, PLEASE DO NOT create a new account. To enroll for the school year, LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT and select the appropriate class. You can log into your account HERE**

Enrollment begins in July 2017. Tuition is charged on a monthly basis. First month’s Tuition and Annual registration fee of $35 per student charged upon enrollment. *Ages as of September 1, 2017.

If classes are full when you register, please stay on the waiting list. We may open more classes or add instructors.


Ninja Warrior