Register Now for Tumblebees School Year Session

Are you searching for a school year activity for your child?  How about a gymnastics class?  Or a rock climbing class?   We have these and more…


We are now enrolling for our School Year 2014-2015 session.  Enrollment is done online through our website. To see class schedules, select your sport from the programs at the top of the page and click onto that page. Then, scroll down the page to see class days and times.  Please be sure to read through the instructions. If your child has previously been enrolled in our programs, you will not need to create a new account. Rather, you need to log into your existing account to enroll.


Any questions? Just call us at 336-665-0662 or email us at We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!


Tumblebees is More Convenient Than Ever Thanks to the New Section of Urban Loop (I-840)!

Tumblebees Ultimate Gym is located at 6904 Downwind Road, out West Friendly Avenue near the intersection with West Market Street in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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You may click on any of the following links to download pdf files of any needed Tumblebees forms.

Climbing Gym Forms
Climbing Gym Climber Release Form
Climbing Gym Belayer Release Form

Gym Party Forms
Party Release Form

Gym Field Trip Forms
Field Trip Participation Release

Membership Forms
Membership Cancellation Form
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2014 Calendar of Events
August 9: Parent’s Night Out
August 15: Last day of Summer Session
August 18-23: Main gym is closed
August 25: School Year 2014-2015 Session begins
August 30: Parent’s Night Out
September 1: Closed for Labor Day holiday

Dates are subject to change.

Why Gymnastics Is Great For Kids

Today’s kids are considered the most inactive generation in history due to the popularity in social media and the advancements of computers and video game technology. Instead of kids riding bikes, playing kickball and going to the park, they are sitting in front of the TV or computer screen.

Gymnastics provides a fun and safe activity that gets kids physically active. Not only does the sport provide a good, solid fitness foundation, gymnastics also provides many other benefits, from socialization skills to life skills to basics that can enhance performance in other sports.
If you turn on the local news or read the paper, you’ll see that childhood obesity is on the rise. According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity is a serious health concern for children and adolescents. With the trend of a sedentary lifestyle on the rise, obesity is also on the rise….

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For more information about Tumblebees Ultimate Gym, The Ultimate Climbing Gym at Tumblebees, or any of the programs we offer, you may contact us via the following methods:

Visit us at  6904 Downwind Road, Greensboro, NC 27409

Email us at

Call us at (336) 665-0662

Fax us at (336) 665-0773

Office Hours during the school year:
Mon-Thurs:  9:00am – 6:00pm
Friday:         9:00am – 12:30pm
Saturday:     9:00am – 12:30pm

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